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What is SaucinTrendz?

SaucinTrendz DNA is Hip Hop-Culture, Generation Z, Old Skool and features custom screen-printed, written statements that range from witty to poignant. Our designs are the brainchild of a teenager who wanted to create a brand that spoke for her generation. By creating SaucinTrendz Apparel Line, it allowed her to create a hub for creativity, filled with art, and slogans to steer her toward ideation and execution.

SaucinTrendz Community

We love you, and we want you to stay up to date on the latest that SaucinTrendz has to offer in the world of Hip Hop-Culture, Generation Z, Old Skool, and more. Visit our blog HERE. Follow us on social media - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find the latest t-shirt designs, newly curated collections, promotions, sales, discounts, or just get inspired and vibe out with fellow SaucinTrendz fans!