Turn On Your Pretty Boy Swag Right Now!


All of us must have heard a lot about swag, but being a pretty boy is a tad bit different. Ensuring that you are always saucy with the type of confidence that no one can touch is one of the key factors. Remember to add a little shine to what your style is and be certain about your attire and conduct. Being well dressed and being concerned about the way you look is the most important thing a pretty boy would need to maintain his swag.

1.    Your skin and hair matter

Everything that you do should look perfect regardless. People should be aware of the fact that you care a lot about your hygiene which includes how you keep your shave and haircuts. These are the basic conditions required for being a pretty boy. Get yourself a good lotion and moisturize your skin, because those are not only for the girls to use. Do whatever you can to keep your appearance clean.

2.    Invest in a cologne

This can be a little harsh. Get the best outfits you can buy, maybe prefer all the high-end brands. Get all the colognes that smell good and would allure the people near you. Stay away from all the cheap stuff because that would just ruin your swag. Nobody likes the stingy smell of cheap perfumes because that does not play well with your style statement. The most important thing about you is your appearance if you want to be a pretty boy with swag. Never compromise on that because that is what makes you who you are.

3.    Dress up well

Get all the branded stuff you can. For t-shirts, Saucin Trendz is, of course, the best you can get. We have a huge range of statement t-shirts to enhance your swag. Other than that, everyone has their styles. However, try to buy clothes that are of popular brands and famous to some extent. Avoid copying others because that will not get you anywhere. However, make sure you know about all the fashion trends that are going on. Dress fancy if you can, and avoid the cliché looks that everyone follows.

4.    Color Coordinate

Make sure that the clothes you wear are color coordinated. Wear outfits that blend in together. Looking good and taking care of your appearance is crucial for you. Never wear crinkled clothes out of the house, because that would just mess up everything.

Shireda Howard