How To Maintain Swag In T-Shirts?

Swag outfits and trends have been going on for several decades. This trend of wearing statement graphic t-shirts and funky accessories did not start with the rappers of today, but it started off way back when most of us were not even born. It is an urban trend that is being followed by many people which include an average person on the street and celebrities at the same time.

1.    Change Your Mindset

Being a person with swag is not just about having the perfect wardrobe; it is all about what your mindset is. Your attitude towards it should be positive, and that is what makes you what you are for your style. Well, obviously wearing the right t-shirt with a set of sunglasses can benefit you in one way or another but you need that attitude to be saucy.

2.    First Thing’s First

Everything is about what you do and how you do it, and that is what will make you stand out in a crowd. The main requirement that you need to have swag is to develop that attitude for it. Adjust it in such a manner that it will blend in with the urban culture. Once all that is done, you can start looking into your wardrobe. Follow a few simple steps, and you will have all the swag in the world.

3.    Be Proud of Yourself

Being the pretty boy or girl with swag is about being confident. If you lack this one character, then you will never be able to maintain that style statement of yours. For instance, you just got yourself a bunch of new clothes with rap song titles or quotations of all the top notch rappers, but you are hesitant to wear it because you are afraid of what the world might think of you. Well, if you are going to be so shy and hesitant nothing will work for you. Have faith in what your appearance is, be confident about what you have. Flaunt your style away to the world without any second thoughts.

4.    Grab Inspiration

There are many celebrities out there who dress up with a lot of swag. Try to follow what they do, how they walk, talk, wear clothes. Note down each and everything that they do and get inspiration from it. Consider them your virtual teachers and learn from their style.

Shireda Howard