Simple, Saucy, Monochrome


You like everything you wear to be just right. You put time into your looks, but sometimes want it to look simple. You want to be saucy without being over the top. Sometimes all you need to look fresh is one color. Your color. You wear that color and you’re unstoppable. You know that to be swag you don’t have to wear a lot of colors. Take pride in your looks. Build that monochrome look and own it.  

1. Know Your Color

Your color is the one you love, the one you are drawn to every time you go shopping. Once you’ve realized what your color is, buy it! It doesn’t matter what shade of that color you find, get it. Keep things fresh by adding various shades of your color to your wardrobe. It’s not boring if the pieces are slightly different and you love them.

2. Build That Look

Now that you’ve got all the fresh pieces in your wardrobe, it’s time to build that swag monochrome look. Feel it out, play with different combos. If you’re going green don’t be afraid to add a bit of camo in there if you want. This is your look. Play with different shades of your color. Colors have different levels just like you. Add a jacket over the top, or different shoes than you normally wear. Take the time to work with your base pieces until you feel it’s just right.

3. Add Your Fresh Details

Now it’s time to add the accessories to take the outfit to the next level. Throw on that hat, those necklaces, bracelets, shades, whatever it is that makes you feel like fire. This is your look and it represents you. As long as you’re feeling fresh, you’re ready to go.

4. Own Your Look

Now that you’ve built your saucy monochrome look, own it. You’re wearing your color and nothing can stop you. You are the only judge you need and if you feel fresh then you’re ready. You’re making a statement with your look and that deserves respect. Wear your look with confidence. Your swag style is on display and you should own that. Wear what you want and stay saucy.

Shireda Howardmonochrome