Finessing Swag Zero To 100 Real Quick

Photo by WillSpirit SBLN on Unsplash

You take pride in how you look. If you’re going to step out in an outfit, it has to be fresh. You’re constantly trying to stay on trend. Yet you really love showing off your own swag style. Because it’s not just about being on trend for you, you like those personal swag details. Here are four ways to help you stay fresh while finessing those little details of your personal style into every look.

1. Scroll

You need to know what’s going on and that’s why you need to scroll. Scrolling through social media to see who is wearing what will keep you fresh. You might see that a shirt you love is no longer being worn, or worn in a different way. This doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing it, but it’s better to know than not. Scrolling will help you stay up on it and be confident when you choose to wear older pieces.
2. Follow Your Idols

They’re your idols for a reason right? Following them will make sure you know what they’re wearing and are obsessed with. If you want to look like RiRi, you better be following her. You want to look fresh, not like RiRi two years ago! Following Saucin Trendz will keep you in the know, too. You can rely on us to keep you fresh and in the know.

3. Finesse the Details

Now that you already know what your idols and everyone else are wearing you can finesse your look. Throw on your favorite chain or rings. That shirt you love but is a little old can turn into a personal style statement if you get it right. Spend the time you need to perfect those details that set an outfit apart as yours and no one else's. Your clothes have to speak about and to you.

4. Be Confident

Owning what you wear will automatically get you respect. When you’re confident people will easily be able to see you’re swag. Know that you when you step out you are making a statement. Own what you are saying to the world. You’ve done the work to stay fresh. And you’ve finessed the trends to compliment you. That takes a lot of work! People will see you and respect the effort. You’re fresh and better work it. Confidence is always fresh.

Shireda Howard